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Many thanks to my teacher in Persian music and poetry, Ostad Hossein Omoumi, for all he does and has contributed to my life, as well as Dr. Chris Miller and the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble, and Jarrad Powell Gamelan Pacifica for doing the initial performances of many of these compositions. Many thanks to Mell Dettmer for her impeccable work. I would also like to thank Eyvind for everything in music and life from the deepest place in my heart. My humblest thanks goes to my teachers in singing for Javanese gamelan, including Jarrad Powell, Mitropangrawit (almarhum), Ibu Supadmi, Ibu Mujinah, Ibu Cendani Laras, Ki Midiyanto, Ibu Heni Savitri, Jesse Snyder, IM Harjito, Anne Stebinger, and Gamelan Kusuma Laras, as well as Ibu Euis Komariah (almarhum) in Tembang Sunda.. Many thanks to Nancy Florida for bringing the Javanese literary worlds into so many new dimensions, as well as her aid in understanding specific texts. I am so grateful for the inspiration of composers Jarrad Powell, Rahayu Supanggah, Al Suwardi, Sutrisno Hartono, Jody Diamond, Daniel Schmidt, Chris Miller, and Peni Candrarini, and the chance to work with them over the years. Thanks to Bimo Hernowo and Satriyo Santoso, for their constant support, and to all beloved singing friends in love with ancient ways.


released March 26, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mell Dettmer on location and at Soli Studios.



all rights reserved


Jessika Kenney Los Angeles, California

Jessika Kenney is an experimental composer and vocalist

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Track Name: Her Sword I
Jon Rea, gender
Anne Stebinger, gambang
Blake McDowell, slenthem
Jarrad Powell, kendhang
Jessika Kenney, voice

Excerpts from this ghazal:

Farid Uddin Attar (12th c. Persian language)

Chon konam ma’ashugh-e ayyår åmadast
Dashne dar kaf su-ye bazaar åmadast
Dashne-ye u teshneh-ye khun-e del ast
Lajeram khunriz-o khun khor åmadast
Ashegh u vo eshgh u ma’ashugh-e ust
Kisti to chon hameh yår åmadast
Joz fanåi nist chon mibengaram
Ån che az vey ghesme Attår åmadast

What can I do, the beloved as a renegade has come
With dagger in hand, into the bazaar she has come
This sword is thirsty for the blood of the heart’s love
Surely to shed and devour this blood she has come
She is the Lover, Love, and the Beloved
Who are you when she is everything?
When I look all I see is annihilation
This is the destiny of Attar that has come.
Track Name: Wiji Sawiji Mulane Dadi
From the Javanese "Kidung Rumeksa Ing Wengi" attributed to Sunan Kalijaga

“The origin of everything is in One seed
Then scattered into the world
In accordance with the Essence
That which is read, and heard
Written, and preserved
Becomes a blessing on the body
A mist of auspiciousness
When recited into water
Lovers are united
The insane are healed”
Track Name: Ingsun
Suluk Seh Samsu Tabarit, by Ronggosasmita 1815, ed. KRT Sasranegara, pub. Mahadewa, 1961

Divan-e Shams, Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi, 13thc. CE
Track Name: Her Sword II
See Her Sword I